September 2019

September 1, 2019 AM- "Open the Door - It's Jesus"  (Revelation 3:20)

Jesus is knocking on the door of our hearts to bring us salvation, fellowship, answered prayer, peace and blessings.

September 1, 2019 PM - "Where are the Nine?"  (Luke 17:11-19)

After healing ten lepers, only one returns to give Him thanks.

September 8, 2019 AM - "Will You Also Go Away?" (John 6)

After many of His followers left Him, Jesus asks the remaining disciples if they will also go away.

September 15, 2019 AM - "The Greatest Commandment"  (Matthew 22:34-46)

Jesus answered the Pharisees question concerning which is the greatest commandment.

September 22, 2019 AM - "Another Comforter" (John 14)

Jesus promised to send another Comforter just like Himself.

September 29, 2019 - "The Tempting of Jesus" (Matthew 4)

Learn how Jesus overcomes temptations while in the wilderness.